Can hydrogen peroxide treat gingivitis?

gingivitisWe all know that dental health is very important for us. Brushing twice a day and get your teeth cleaned twice a year to remove any plaque are the most important things to make your teeth healthy and strong for years. Theseare the basic for a good dental health.

Sometimes, brushing and removing plaque are not enough to protect your teeth from gingivitis attack or other gum diseases. First of all, you need to understand about gingivitis because only then you can prevent it with some simple natural remedies.

What is gingivitis?

gingivitisGingivitis is a type of gum disease that generally affects people 40 years of age or older. However, these days’ younger people are also vulnerable to this acute condition. The gingiva is a soft tissue that covers and protects the root of the teeth. Gingivitis recession happens when the gums are pulled back from the tooth resulting in inflammation, sensitivity and root exposure. Do you know about the causes behind the gingivitis? Frequent and over brushing of teeth can inflame gum tissues and cause gingivitis problem.

Hydrogen peroxide for gingivitis

Can you imagine hydrogen peroxide for gingivitis? When most of us think about hydrogen peroxide, a brown bottle in the medicine cabinet or first aid kit come in our mind but hydrogen peroxide has much more benefits. Nowadays, hydrogen peroxide is used safely and effectively in dentistry. The most common benefits of using hydrogen peroxide for teeth are teeth whitening, cure tooth decay and treat the problem of periodontitis and gingivitis.

Hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria that cause both cavities and gingivitis. Hydrogen peroxide for gingivitis has actually antimicrobial action and pathogenic effects which protect your teeth from the attack of gum diseases. Antibiotics do not treat gum diseases effectively. It is better to try hydrogen peroxide for treating your gum problems. The question is how to use hydrogen peroxide for gingivitis? Well, we are going to tell you that how you can treat gingivitis with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

Clean your toothbrush before brushing -:

Clean your toothbrush

The first step is to clean your toothbrush before brushing. Simply wet your toothbrush and put a little hand dish detergent on the brush part of the toothbrush. Rub the brush with your thumb and then rinse the toothbrush with water. This will remove bacteria, salvia, foods and germs from your toothbrush.

Sanitize your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide -:

Second step is to pour a little hydrogen peroxide on your cleaned toothbrush. Wait for 5 seconds or some more and then rinse off the toothbrush. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent which kill off the bacteria on your toothbrush.

Brush with hydrogen peroxide -:

hydrogen peroxideFor adults, after cleaning your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide, pour a little hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth. It will kill off the bacteria that cause gingivitis which is an infection develops gum swell and bleed. You should not have hydrogen peroxide on your teeth for more than a couple of minutes. It is difficult to tolerate its taste for long time.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the effective toolsfor treating gingivitis and other tooth problems. You can avoid dental pain, dental disease, bad breath, bad teeth and losing your teeth by brushing with hydrogen peroxide. Well, if you really do not want to brush with hydrogen peroxide, at least wash or sanitize your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide every day to protect your teeth from gum diseases.



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