Deal with cough, cold fever etc. with ayurvedic Tamragarbha Pottali

coldCold, cough and fever- these are one of the most common health issues that can affect any person at any time regardless of age and gender. You can get these problems in any season. The symptoms of cold, cough and fever are debilitating as well as annoying too. These health issues occur due to viral and bacterial infections, allergies, respiratory problems or due to a weak immune system. Many of you people may suffer from these health issues on the regular basis and do not get any satisfactory results with allopathic medicines. So, the question is how to get rid of these health issues permanently or for a long period.

AYURVEDA..It is Ayurveda that can cure the respiratory problems or all other types of health issues from the roots. Yes, if you want a long time relief, only Ayurveda can help you in this. Ayurveda has the potential to cure the health issues from the roots and to improve your overall health. Today, I am going to tell you the health benefits of Tamragarbha Pottali. Here, I will tell you that how you can cure the cold, cough, fever and many other health issues from the roots only with the help of a single ayurvedic medicine.

Health Benefits of Tamragarbha Pottali

Tamragarbha PottaliTamragarbha Pottali is a famous ayurvedic medicine that is widely used in Ayurveda for various health purposes. It is an ayurvedic pottali kalp. Literal meaning of pottali is a compact roundish collection of scattered material in place. Tamragarbha Pottali is commonly indicated in the treatment of diseases that occur due to vitiation of kapha dosha such as cough, breathlessness and fever etc. It is also used in the treatment of tuberculosis.

immuneYou can use the Tamragarbha Pottali for an acute and chronic cough, diseases due to vitiation of kapha, difficult breathing, fever kapha, tridosha vikriti, acute and chronic conditions of abdominal pain. The good thing is that it helps to strengthen the immune system that helps to fight off infections and diseases. A weak immune system can be easily affected by the attack of viruses or diseases. Fever, cold or cough are less common in people having strong immune system. So, by boosting the immune system, Tamragarbha Pottali helps to cure the respiratory diseases from the roots as well as cure other health issues too.

Ingredients in Tamragarbha Pottali

ingredients3The natural ingredients present in Tamragarbha Pottali help to cure these health issues from the roots and also make it a powerful or in the other words, an effective ayurvedic medicine for a number of health issues. Tamragarbha Pottali contains shuddha parada, shuddha gandhak, suvarna bhasma and tamra bahsma.

This medicine is actually a pottali rasayan. It is a preparation of metals made out by cooking in form of small bolus. Well, all pottali preparation are not prepared in a same manner. The main ingredient used in the preparation of pottali are parada, lohdi varga, kumari swarasa, gandhak, babbula niryasa, mibu etc. Kajjali is the key ingredient of pottali. Pottali formulations are palatable and fast acting medicines.


dosage3Now, if you are going to use this ayurvedic medicine to get rid of cold, cough and fever from the roots, here is the dosage part. It is better to consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting this ayurvedic medicine. Well, the recommended dosage of the medicine is 62.5 mg in a divided dose with honey and ginger juice.

Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from natural herbs that’s why they are side effects free. They will not give you any type of side effects or adverse effects. Try this medicine, Tamragarbha Pottali and attack the root causes of the fever, cold and cough. This will surely give you good results within some days.


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